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Successful 10 years, support for Windows 7 is Coming to an end:

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Windows 7 support coming to after providing great support for its users after 10 yrs. January 14, 2020 will be the last day of Windows 7 support. From 22 July 2009 till now Windows 7 helped many users a lot, still it's the favourite Windows version for many users. Microsoft already ended the mainstream support in January 2015 with extended support running till January 2020.

Features of Windows 7:

Ultimately Windows 7 is one of the most favourite version for many users because of their excellent features. It has some great features like:

Windows 7 version taskbar is much simpler than Windows vista.

In Windows 7 you can see all of the application at once in taskbar

New controls from system tray helps you to control the unwanted overflowing application notifications and messages.

It helps to share files and printers easily when it connect with home network

You get a consistent VPN connection and reconnects once your internet temporarily lost.

You can interact with PC with Touch screen monitor and other gestures with touch

Many Windows XP applications are also running in Windows 7 software.

Applocker Introduced in Windows 7

Windows Troubleshooting has been helped you to fix the problem on own without calling other help.

You can easily resize and expand and check the contents of two different windows.

What is the meaning of “End of Support”?

It means after January 14, 2020 your Windows will still run in your PC but you won’t get “Technical Support and Software updates and fixes”.

While you could use your PC running with Windows 7 without any updates but it has higher chances of being attacked by viruses and malware. The best way we recommend for you is to stay secure by start using Windows 10. The best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC if your older PC is not having recommended requirement.

If you need to stay away from cyberthreats you need to keep your PC in update then only you can surf the internet or download the files without any worry. Keep your Antivirus software in running condition and scan your PC fully once a week to stay away from viruses and malwares. If you experience any struggle while using Antivirus then contact our Antivirus customer support toll-free number so our

technicians will come to directly and help you to fix the error, no matter whether it is simple or complex.

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