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Remove eDocTransfer (UPDATED 2019) – A Complete Guide

Remove eDocTransfer

EDocTransfer is a phishing domain that has been categorized as a malicious browser hijacker virus. This is generally used by cyber-criminals for various phishing campaigns. Cyber-security analysts always advise web surfers to avoid visiting such websites because they can be victimized by such hackers and this can put their PCs at a greater risk.

These hackers can infect users’ machines with deadly viruses. The email ID that is associated with EDocTransfer is well-known for delivering spam emails to targeted system users, this is generally related to fax and it consists of links or even files that are quite dangerous. This threat was recognized by the researchers of malware when it was used during phishing campaigns. During this campaign, links of Google Docs were shared which contained dangerous viruses to some targeted users.

Soon after, when the victims realized, they reported that they were directed to the Edoc Transfer website. Furthermore, they also noticed that they were receiving large numbers of spam emails from '' email address. If you have received any emails from this email address, you should take action as soon as possible to remove such spammy mails. You should also alert your family and friends to avoid clicking on the files that are attached to such phishing emails.

Remove eDocTransfer (UPDATED 2019)

You can remove eDocTransfer from Windows Registry by following some simple steps.

However, you need to ensure that you have restarted your PC in Safe Mode.

1 . Start your PC and press the F8 key for a while.

2. A Black screen with different options will appear and you need to choose and click on Safe Mode option. Now your PC will start in safe mode and you can remove eDocTransfer easily without much hassle.

3. Press “Windows + R” keys together at the same time.

4. A Run option will appear and in the text box, you have to type “Regedit” and then click OK.

5. Click either on the Edit option in Menu or press the CTRL+F button on the keyboard.

eDocTransfer Phishing Scam
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6. Then, type the name of infection in the box and then press Find Next option. All entries that were created by eDocTransfer on your PC will be listed and then you need to delete those immediately.

The next step will now include cleaning of the corrupted Web Browsers because eDocTransfer will include some more unwanted plug-ins or toolbars. To restore the former functionality of your web browsers, you need to remove such unwanted plug-ins and toolbars. The steps to clean your web browser are as follows,

1. Launch your browser and click on the menu option at the top right corner of the window. From the drop-down list, you have to select More Tools option and then Extensions.

2. A page with all the unknown extensions created by eDocTransfer on your browser will appear and you only have to select and remove the unwanted extensions by pressing the delete button at the side of the window.

After that, you also need to reset your homepage but before doing this you need to make sure that you check for any unwanted pages that were created by eDocTransfer on the browser. If there are any unwanted pages, delete them immediately. To delete such pages you can follow these steps,

1. Open your browser and choose setting option from the top-right Menu

2. Now a Start-up option will appear then select the Open a Specific Page.

3. After that choose the Set Pages option. You can also remove any unknown pages created by this threat from here by simply selecting and clicking on the “X” button.

4. Click on OK to save changes.

5. In the Appearance option, click on the Open Homepage button and tap on the Change link option.

6. Now you need to reset your web browser to finally remove eDocTransfer.

7. Start the Web browser and go to the Menu icon and choose the Settings option.

8. Select Show Advance Settings option and then press Reset Browser Settings

9. Click on the Reset option again to confirm the action.

You also need to remove the eDocTransferalong with malware that is present in your PC quickly from the Control Panel. The following steps explain how to do so,

1. Open your PC and then select the Start menu and then go to Control Panel from the available list.

2. Now select Programs and then click on Uninstall a Program.

3. You will now find a complete list of installed programs and applications. Choose EdocTransfer those programs that you want to uninstall by pressing the button at the top Menu.

Is eDocTransfer Legit?

According to many malware researchers, the EdocTransfer hijacker virus poses a serious threat to the safety and privacy of your Windows machine. One should consciously avoid clicking on links that are associated with the name of this malware.

This may trick you into believing some links as genuine but those are questionable links or ads that will probably redirect you to an insecure website. If your PC has already been infected by this dangerous malware then, you need to take action immediately to remove itfrom your PC. eDocTransfer will also hamper your browser functionality. Therefore, you need a good and reputable anti-malware software or scanner that will help you detect such malware and help you delete eDocTransfer from your PC completely.

eDocTransfer Phishing Scam – All You Need To Know

If the sender’s email address domain is '', then it is a clear indication that it is suspicious mail. Every person who is operating Windows or other systems should keep in mind that there are numerous ways through which a cyber-thief can create domains that will look very genuine and legitimate, so you need to careful while opening any links attached in an email regardless who it comes from.

Phishing emails mostly will use certain words or phrases that tend to give a sense of urgency to the users which might lead them to believe that they need to click on the attached link immediately. Such emails might include phrases like “DO NOT DELAY” which provokes the users to try and address the issue as soon as possible. One needs to be very careful while clicking on links which have such messages.

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Remove EDocTransfer

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