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How to select and install best antivirus software for smart phones

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If you are using Android mobile device, you need an antivirus for it. The good news is, you can get some great, free antivirus software apps for Android. In this article we are going to show how to choose the best free antivirus for your Android mobile device.

Create a list of apps which will run on your Android device:

For this first you need to check which Android version you’re using. The steps to find what Android version is running on your device are go to Settings>About Phone/About Tablet in that you can see in the Android Version column.

If you are using an Android version which is older than 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), then mostly you going to struggle to get an Antivirus for Android devices. If you are using older than Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), then you want to think about updating your device so you can continue to use the apps you need, including antivirus security apps.

Stick to apps from the Google Play store. Most of the “free antivirus apps” on the internet are actually malicious software. The protection offered by Google isn't perfect, but definitely it’s a lot better than trying to navigate your way in the cyberspace jungle without any help.

Check that the apps actually work on all malware and protect your device

A virus is a form of malicious software. In the Android world, however, they are such a minor issue. The main threats come from other forms of malware such as adware, spyware, USSD attacks etc..

Adware is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a security threat that it can be used as cover for malicious activities, through a technique known as “malvertising”. Using adverts as a way to spread malicious software. The more adverts you see, mostly some of them will be malicious. The more malicious adverts you see, the more likely you will be tricked into clicking any one link. This is mostly occurs on mobile devices, which have smaller screens.

Spyware is also exactly what its name suggests. It's dangerous for you as well as danger to anyone whose contact details are in your Android device.

USSD attacks are attacks which exploit security weaknesses in cellular networks rather than the device operating system. The cellular networks are working to resolve this completely but it is a lengthy process and it may never finish completely.

Check whether it protects spam calls and texts

Like adware, spam calls and texts are most part, just an inconvenience. The problem is that the more of them you receive in that some of them will be from fraudsters. The more spam calls or texts you receive, the more likely you will fall victim to one of them. We all live busy lives and one slip-up it takes all. It may be an accidental slip-up such as clicking on a link in a text, when you try to select the text to delete it.

Check the brand behind it

Don’t try out new security brands like most people do. Ultimately their data will be at risk if it all goes wrong. Stick to the brands which have proven themselves reliable like Norton Antivirus. Norton antivirus software is one of the leading antivirus software and your data will be safe if you use leading antivirus software.

If you struggle in using Norton Antivirus then call our Antivirus customer support toll-free number so our certified technicians will come to you directly and help you to resolve any kind of Norton related errors.

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