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How to find that your Smartphone affected by Virus

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Nowadays Smartphone’s are literally mini-computers, which means that the signs you have a virus on your phone is like the virus you have on your computer. In this article we show you a quick list, some suggestions about what you should do if your Smartphone affected by virus.

Poor Smartphone performance

It is one of the most overlooked indicators because there are many factors which can impact your Smartphone’s performance will go down and you face some hanging problems and your phone will automatically shut down sometimes. You want to give your phone a good clean up or possibly change the battery. If none of that works, then there’s a possibility that your phone affected with virus.

more numbers of ads

there is software known as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs), it basically refers to the fact that many apps are supported by advertising to the point where many users find it as an inconvenience, but some put up with the ads because they really value the functionality which is underneath. Sometimes the applications is surrounded by ads is a sign of a straightforward virus.

Unexpected usage/charges

this is one of the worst ways you can find out your phone affected with virus. You get a huge bill from your mobile network because your phone had been calling premium numbers or sending texts at premium rates without your knowledge. But mostly this method is rare because virus creators tend to prefer to bleed people dry over the long term.

The reason why virus creators take this approach is because it can wind up netting them a wholesome of money so always stay alert to your phone bill and to make sure that every item on it is something you recognize. It’s also important to monitor your data usage for a slightly different reason.

Cyber criminals don’t make money out of using your phone’s data the way they can make money out of unauthorized calls and texts. The reason why you need to worry about unauthorized data usage because it may be a sign that someone is stealing your data from your Smartphone. Similarly, always lookout for any signs that your phone is connecting to the internet when it shouldn’t be.

How to handle a virus

The first step in handling a virus is to install an antivirus security app which will take care of your smartphone. Modern cyber criminals often block the download or installation of antivirus security apps, but since it is the easiest solution, it’s always worth a try.

If the first method doesn’t work then try to clean up your browser cache. If that doesn't work you have two options. First, do a factory reset of your phone, which will clear everything and set your smartphone “as new” condition. Second, check your list of apps, see which of the application is affected with the virus and get rid of it.

Option two is booting your phone into “safe mode” so you can see your list of apps without running. Some modern viruses may stop rebooting so try to hold down the power and volume buttons until you see your phone’s logo and then release the power button but keep holding the volume buttons until reboot menu shows and choose Safe Mode. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to check the internet for your model of phone.

If you find any struggles while you get rid of antivirus then call our Antivirus customer support toll-free number so our team will approach you directly and fix the error.

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